A Moral Budget for Memphis & Shelby County

As we watched the current budget cycle, there was a growing sense that we are caught in an ill-fated loop that never leads to progress and prosperity for our community. The Moral Budget Coalition felt the need to come together and propose a set of budget amendments that would be a bold statement for where we wanted Memphis and Shelby County to head in the future.

Supporting People

  • Youth mental health
  • Adult mental health
  • Opportunity youth workforce fund
  • Rental debt relief

Read the full Memphis-Shelby County FY22 Moral Budget Proposal

Supporting Community

  • Affordable housing fund
  • Homelessness wraparound services
  • TGNC community land trust
  • Upscale weatherization initiatives
  • Broadband expansion

Supporting Workers

  • Relief for nonessential workers
  • Teacher healthcare
  • Workers rights commission
  • City workers pay increase

Building Culture & Engagement

  • Dedicated arts awareness & education funding
  • Shelby County youth engagement fund
  • County coordinator for community budget participation
  • County coordinator of civic engagement