Community-Centered Budgeting for Memphis & Shelby County

The Moral Budget Coalition came together in 2021 after seeing a need for including community voice in setting the Shelby County Budget priorities, and we established the first-ever Community-Centered Budgeting Process in 2022. Now, we're building off that process to ensure your values and priorities are reflected in the budget going forward. Send your input to Mayor Harris and the County Commission with the tool below!

Supporting People:

  • Youth mental health
  • Adult mental health
  • Opportunity youth workforce fund
  • Rental debt relief

Read the full Memphis-Shelby County FY22 Moral Budget Proposal

Supporting Community

  • Affordable housing fund
  • Homelessness wraparound services
  • TGNC community land trust
  • Upscale weatherization initiatives
  • Broadband expansion
  • Public Transit Funding

Supporting Workers

  • Relief for nonessential workers
  • Teacher healthcare
  • Workers rights commission
  • City workers pay increase

Building Culture & Engagement

  • Dedicated arts awareness & education funding
  • Shelby County youth engagement fund
  • County coordinator for community budget participation
  • County coordinator of civic engagement